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XPace Enterprise Server

Use XPace Enterprise Server to provide your space management data for any stakeholder involved in your planogramming strategy and workflow.

XPace Enterprise Server publishes your planogramming data – planograms, product and fixel data, images, and reports – to any of your users and stakeholders, inhouse as well as external. The Enterprise Server uses standard internet protocols and communication and deploys product channels, images, and reports to web users and XPace desktop users. It is a private cloud, hosted on your own systems.

XPace Enterprise Server

Use XPace Enterprise Server to prepare the basic data for your space management strategy: for products, fixtures and displays, and images. The server provides these data not only for local users at your site, but even for external users, sales representatives, field service, and key account managers. All you need – besides the server publishing – is some kind of internet access an intranet account. All users work with identical and up-to-date data, avoiding mailing of stale PDF or graphics files.

Users log in with different roles, using standard accounts e.g. in your Active Directory or other directory service.

The Enterprise Server provides a centralized data pool for your XPace planograms. Users may request planogram projects from the server, work with them locally, and upload them back to the server-based planogram pool, applying version control and write locking as needed. Thus your current planograms are always up-to-date and available for any authorized user.

Web Access

The Enterprise Server presents your planogramming data in any client-side web browser. Navigate to the server’s home page and authenticate with your user account, assigning the appropriate roles to you according to your account state. Browse the provided planograms ans product items, load planogram graphics, analyses, lists, and reports directly in your browser.

Thus, your planogramming data is easily available even for those users without own XPace client installation or license while needing planogramming informations and data for their trade marketing activities.

See the Feature Sheet for the features and functions supported by the different XPace modules.

XPace Enterprise Homepage

Private Cloud

XPace Enterprise Server is a private-cloud application, hosted by your own IT department. Your database stays completely under your control, as no external or offshore server is used for storing your data.