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XPace Getting Started

What are the basic steps for starting a space management strategy with XPace?


With space management in general, your point-of-sale planning – or planogramming – will become much more efficient, convincing and conclusive compared to hand-knitted methods based on Excel grids or some kind of plain graphics software. A space management system manages your product master data, sizes, constraints and images and helps you place products on fixtures and displays – rather than simply draw some lines and rectangles.

Space management with XPace is easy to handle, but yet powerful in its analysing features, inducing realistic and optimized POS simulations.

Install XPace

To install XPace  you need

  1. a computer running one of the supported operating systems: Windows 7 or up, or Mac OS X 10.9 or up
  2. a Java runtime installed: use Java SE 1.6 or newer
  3. the XPace installation package
  4. a license

Install Java first. Then copy the XPace installation package contents to a folder of your choice. After starting XPace the software will ask for the license; enter the license number. After copying some initial data the installation is complete and XPace is running.

Prepare your database

In the first step we suggest to use Excel as your product data source. You may already have product data available. Use the Excel standard spreadsheet provided with the software and fill in your product data:

  1. Keep the first row with field names. You should never delete this row!
  2. Start entering your product records, one product per row.
  3. Mandatory fields are: the item ID, the product name, width, height, and depth. Use millimeter values for the measurement fields.
  4. You may use any of the optional fields, e.g. price, category, color.
  5. Do not insert any empty rows.
  6. Save the Excel sheet using any file name you want.

With XPace running go to Database / Import / Excel standard sheet in the main menu, select your Excel file and finish the import.

Go to the Products window and open your newly created product channel by double-clicking it so your product data will show up in the channel. Watch the Properties window showing the properties of any currently selected product record.

Create your first planogram

Go to File / New in the main menu and select Planogram to create a new planogram. You may enter project metadata here or just finish the planogram creation wizard.

The planogram editor opens and displays the new and empty planogram. Now you may populate your planogram with fixture parts and place products on them.


XPace planogramming is easy and straightforward. In order to reflect your product data a simple and flat datasource has to be prepared. XPace supports importing Excel sheets by providing a customized Excel template.