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XPace Modules

With XPace planogramming, each product will be positioned following logistical, financial, geometric, visual, and psychological aspects, taking space and time into account. XPace modules cover the various requirements of space management and planogramming.

XPace is available in the following modules

The modules differ due to the features provided:

Basic Professional Enterprise
Rack design:
Create racks and shops, place and arrange products, basic reporting
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Rack optimization:
Benchmarks, analyses, optimization, and extended reporting
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Enterprise Server with web publishing and presentation

The feature overview outlines the references between main feature scopes and the XPace modules. Upgrading is always possible.

XPace runs on the following platforms and systems:

  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Mac OS X 64bit

Data sources and file formats are fully compatible through all modules and packages. XPace provides space management for heterogenous operating environments.

Data Sources and XPace Modules

The XPace modules retrieve data from different data sources, using product master data, fixture data, and performance and price data. While XPace Basic only uses the geometric and logistic master data of products and fixtures, XPace Professional requires performance and price information for recent or future time periods in order to analyse planograms and evaluate benchmarks and key performance indicators for optimization. XPace Enterprise additionally uses standard web technologies, protocols, and formats for publishing and deployment of planogramming data.

XPace supports industry-standard interfaces and technologies for data retrieval such as Excel, CSV, JDBC, ODBC, http, and XML. Multiple data sources may be used in parallel, making data retrieval from multiple sources and systems easy.

XPace modules spacemanagement rack planning space optimization
XPace Spacemanagement: Data Sources and Modules

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