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XPace Use Cases

XPace use cases

What are the typical and most advantageous use cases for XPace?

Functional Use Cases

Space management with XPace is particularly useful for these industries:

  • in Non-Food and DIY industries, as XPace has been developed with their requirements in scope; hardware, hand tools and power tools including accessories, interior design and flooring require special positioning functions and forms of presentation
  • in  Media industry (bookstores, CDs, DVDs, games), as XPace implements specific position sequences, filling rules, and restrictions
  • in PhotoTechnics, and Computer departments, as in these cases specialized filling requirements meet the most attractive and worthwhile presentation of goods
  • in CosmeticsPharmacyOrganic stores, as XPace supports the particular data models and reporting requirements

Organizational Use Cases

Due to its communication interfaces XPace supports communication between

  • backoffice / sales reps
  • backoffice / trade missions
  • backoffice / shops
  • backoffice / franchisers
  • manufacturers / rack jobbers
  • manufacturers / commercial enterprises

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