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Which database system does XPace use?

None. XPace does not require any database system to be installed. The XPace database uses XML as the data format; no special installations, libraries or drivers are required.

XPace can import data from and export it to any database. XPace uses the usual ODBC and JDBC database interfaces. After the import, the database source is no longer required. The import of data from databases is optional, data can also be imported from other sources (CSV text files, Excel).

The (optional) Enterprise Server can be based on SQL databases. The default configuration of the Enterprise Server uses MySQL.

What licensing models does XPace support?

XPace licenses are either workstation licenses or floating licenses.

Workstation licenses are bound to the workstation or PC on which XPace is installed.

The floating license model distributes licenses from a license server. XPace can be installed on any number of workstations. When the program is started, a license is used, if available. At the end of the program, the license is returned to the server-side license pool.

What data interfaces does XPace support?

XPace supports standards and open formats for all data interfaces:

  • for the connection to existing database systems, merchandise management systems and ERP systems and the transfer of product and product carrier data:¬†Excel, CSV text files, XML, ODBC and JDBC database drivers
  • for 3D geometries of products and product carriers: XML, X3D, OBJ and VRML/WRL
  • for all objects of the data basis: XML
  • for imports, exports, and reports: XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, HTML, PDF, and Excel
  • for scripts: JavaScript and other standard script languages
  • for images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP