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XPace’s functionality does not meet all of your requirements? Do you need additional functions, interfaces, analyses, renderings or formats? Extension points are the answer.

The XPace features and functions are very elaborate. Nevertheless, situations may arise in which very special requirements have to be fulfilled or individual interfaces, systems or formats have to be operated. Using the XPace extension points, Java developers can integrate functionality into the program and implement their own algorithms.

Extension Plug-Ins

Examples of such extension plug-ins are

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  • Apps, agents and strategies
  • Analyses, evaluations and benchmarks
  • Highlightings and color coding
  • Color schemes
  • Forms
  • Integrators and interfaces
  • Renderers and graphical layers
  • Search engines
  • Tools and editors
  • Triggers for reacting on events
  • Validators
  • Shopping cart actions