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Space planning data has the best effect if it is communicated to all involved participants in retail logistics in an up-to-date and convincing manner: Category management, furnishing planning, sales logistics, furnishers, field service, trade partners, branches, franchisers, customers – they all use these data in their own, specific way.

As part of a digitization strategy, the data of planogramming – product master data, product images, planograms, modules, reports and export files – are exchanged seamlessly and without media discontinuity between the partners using XPace.

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XPace reports prepare planogram data for meaningful presentations. In this way, the furnishing plans can be discussed between partners and safely implemented in the market.

A report can access all planogram displays and output the corresponding graphics. Lists, images and barcodes can also be produced.

Reports are enriched with logos and calculated fields. You can access the BOM data, language variants and price lists of all objects in the planogram.


Reports can be generated in PDF, Excel and HTML formats or as XML. PowerPoint and Word reports are also possible with extensions.

Some sample reports can be found on the Gallery page.

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XPace’s direct provisioning capabilities support the exchange of data between partners: customers and service providers can be quickly provided with the latest planogram data.


XPace supports the transfer of

  • graphics in any resolution
  • Excel sheets
  • planogram documentation by e-mail

Available file formats are described in the features.

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Enterprise Server

XPace Enterprise Server publishes your planogramming data for a broader audience. The Enterprise Server uses standard Internet protocols and provides product data, images, components, planograms and reports for external and internal users. XPace Enterprise Server is a private cloud hosted on your own systems.

Planogram Management

The users log on to the system with different roles and have different rights. Users can retrieve planogram projects from the server, edit them locally and re-upload them to the server. XPace Enterprise Server implements centralized planogram management and makes current shelf plans available to all users.

Web Access

XPace Enterprise Server presents the planogramming data in the web browser.

Visit the home page of your XPace Enterprise Server, navigate through the provided planograms and product data and load shelf plans, analyses, lists and reports directly via your browser.

Use the Smart Folders as intelligent search folders that evaluate the metadata of your planograms.

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External formats

XPace supports the import and export of planogram data from other formats. Both product master data and entire planograms can be exchanged between partners with different systems.

XPace planograms are XML files. They can be extended with XML technologies and easily processed for other systems, formats and presentation forms.

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