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Colors and color models

In XPace, colors can be specified for parts and products in the data sets, e.g. during creation with XPace Mockup, and can be assigned individually for positioned objects in a planogram. Colors are defined using color specifications, which can be either color names, CSS color specifications or RAL colors.

The possible specifications in these three models are briefly presented here.

Color names

A fixed list with names of colors. Indicated is he name, an alternative name (if applicable) and the CSS hex code of the color.

NameColor code
fuchsia, magenta#FF00FF
gray, grey#808080
maroon, brown#800000
aqua, cyan#00FFFF

CSS colors

Color information according to the scheme of CSS colors on the web. The red, green and blue components are displayed in hex format. All colors in the RGB color system from #000000 (black) to #FFFFFF (white) can be specified.

The specification is always made with a #, followed by six hex digits (0…F).

RAL colors

All colors of the RAL Classic palette can be specified, they are automatically converted into the correct RGB colour. The entry begins with the character sequence RAL, followed by the four-digit color number, i.e. (e.g. for RAL 3020 Traffic red) in one of the forms RAL3020, RAL 3020, ral3020 or ral 3020, i.e. in upper or lower case and with or without spaces.

Color Palette

Color schemes

Groups of frequently used colors are stored as color schemes. The color schemes are displayed in the properties as a palette. The desired color can be clicked directly, it is assigned to all currently selected objects.

The Tango color scheme (with 27 colors) and grayscale (with 8 colors) are preset. Additional color scales can be added by extensions.


With coloring functions for classifications and analyses, objects can be highlighted with colors according to result values. Depending on the function and analysis, the colors of the value ranges are defined or can be set by the user.

Highlighting dyes are temporary. They are not saved, but only displayed during the highlighting process, together with a legend for assigning the colors to the value ranges.

Farben Farbausleuchtung Highlighting
Analyse with color highlighting and legend