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XPace manuals, working documents and documentation support users in their daily work.

Customer Journal

The XPace customer magazine is available to XPace licensees or can be ordered individually for a nominal fee.

MagasinIssue 07/2017

Retail Intelligence:
The Digital Transformation of Retail; Shelf Adjustment
SAP: Data Basis for Shelf Planning; PDF: Form-based Workflow
Fresh Breeze at the Point of Sale; High Score instead of Game Over


Manuals for XPace are available in printed or PDF format. They are available to XPace licensees on request.

XPace Project Book

Ideas, concepts, principles, showcase, features and checklists for the implementation of a space management strategy in the company
numerous illustrations, edition 2016, 46 pages, German/English, A5+ paperback

XPace Functions Manual

Complete instructions for users
188 pages, German A5 Paperback

XPace Reference

Documentation of all data structures
32 pages, German A5 Paperback

XPace Scripting

Automation and control with JavaScript
244 pages, German A5 Paperback

XPace System Manual

Technical Documentation for Admins
132 pages, German, A4 PDF

XPace Analyse Manual

Benchmarking, analysis and optimization
46 pages, German, A5 Paperback

XPace Basic Training

Training and workbook
42 pages, German, A5 spiral binding

Working Documents

The following documents are available: