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XPace manuals, working documents and documentation support users in their daily work.


Customer Journal

The XPace customer magazine is available to XPace licensees or can be ordered individually for a nominal fee.

MagasinIssue 07/2017

Retail Intelligence:
The Digital Transformation of Retail; Shelf Adjustment
SAP: Data Basis for Shelf Planning; PDF: Form-based Workflow
Fresh Breeze at the Point of Sale; High Score instead of Game Over

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Manuals for XPace are available in printed or PDF format. They are available to XPace licensees on request.

[service title=”XPace Project Book” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Ideas, concepts, principles, showcase, features and checklists for the implementation of a space management strategy in the company
numerous illustrations, edition 2016, 46 pages, German/English, A5+ paperback

[/service] [service title=”XPace Functions Manual” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Complete instructions for users
188 pages, German A5 Paperback

[/service] [service title=”XPace Reference” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Documentation of all data structures
32 pages, German A5 Paperback

[/service] [service title=”XPace Scripting” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Automation and control with JavaScript
244 pages, German A5 Paperback

[/service] [service title=”XPace System Manual” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Technical Documentation for Admins
132 pages, German, A4 PDF

[/service] [service title=”XPace Analyse Manual” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Benchmarking, analysis and optimization
46 pages, German, A5 Paperback

[/service] [service title=”XPace Basic Training” icon=”icon: book” icon_color=”#61a05b”]

Training and workbook
42 pages, German, A5 spiral binding

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Working Documents

The following documents are available: