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Geometric modelling for products and fixtures

Products on a shelf are not always just rectangular boxes. Products can also have a complex, three-dimensional shape. These 3D models should be mappable in a space management software, they also influence the space requirements of the products on the shelf. XPace can generate such forms itself or process standard formats (OBJ, WRL, X3D).

The XPace Mockup module generates complex geometries of products, demo articles and fixtures. Here the objects are either built with graphical primitives (box, cylinder, cone, sphere, tube, prism) or imported from 3D standard formats.

The result gives hyper-realistic, virtual shelves with high graphic resolution in which all objects are positioned correctly. Grids, anchors and directions of movement are controlled in all three space dimensions. Textures differentiate the surface structures of objects, not only on the screen, but also in print outputs and graphic exports.

Shapes and properties

Colors, shapes, dimensions, translations and rotations describe the structure of a new object. With just a few clicks, products and displayss can be assembled and their properties edited. This includes images, textures and other material properties.

Basic graphical forms

In XPace Mockup, 3D models can be assembled from the following basic shapes:

[list icon=”icon: circle-o” icon_color=”#61a05b”]
  • box: cuboid
  • cylinder: well…, a cylinder
  • sphere: ball or scoop
  • cone: a cone, a truncated cone
  • tube: hollow cylinder
  • prism: prismatic body, also with cut-outs and inner contours
  • pipeline:┬ápiping, bended wire
  • rotoid: body of revolution
3D Standard Formats

Animation Schraubendreher 3DXPace takes complex geometries as 3D models from the standard formats

[list icon=”icon: circle-o” icon_color=”#61a05b”]
  • Wavefront OBJ
  • X3D

with all textures, colours and material properties, e.g. from Blender, Cinema4D, 3DSMax or CAD systems.

Products, components and complete planograms can also be exported to these formats and viewed with external programs (e.g. MeshLab).

Grids and anchors

Grid panels and anchor points facilitate the dimensionally accurate assembly of shelves and control the positioning of articles on fixtures.

They can be created in XPace Mockup and related to the 3D models and object types.

Bills of materials

Every product, every fixture can be provided with a parts list. All parts belonging to the product or fixel are listed here. These are the parts that are to be delivered with each installed object.

The BOMs can be evaluated in reporting. The report then outputs the exact delivery quantity of each individual part in aggregated form.