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Successful implementation of space management in your company means installing XPace shelf planning software on your own PCs and providing the data for products and fixtures. Data from external systems and sources is reused via interfaces. The implementation may be carried out on local and mobile computers as well as been controlled by a central server.

Products and Fixtures

Product information is provided by the user. XPace supports various data interfaces and import paths to transfer the product data into the (local or server-side) database.

Standard fixtures for typical retail racks come with the XPace installation. The standard library can be extended by individual fixels, displays and custom holders. Primarily the individual components are defined by their three-dimensional geometry, while containing additional information on placement behavior and on anchor points and grids as well.

Linked bills of materials enable comprehensive logistics of fixtures and accessories for each planogram.

Implementation Steps

The following steps are required to implement XPace Space Management:

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  • Software installation on the workstations (Windows PC or Mac, desktop or mobile)
  • Installation and setup of Enterprise Server (optional)
  • Import of product data from external sources, e.g. Excel
  • Import of product images and 3D models (optional)
  • Generation of individual fixtures (as required)
  • Defining rules, approvals and subsequent processes (as required)
  • User trainings

After the user trainings we recommend to carry out a reference project based on a limited product group. This may result in readjustments with regard to customizing or product data fields.

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  • Reference project with a limited product group
  • Readjustments

Finally, productive use of XPace can start.

Our Services

We support the implementation of XPace for your business model through

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  • goal-setting workshop and kick-off meeting
  • system installation, setup and customizing
  • interface programming and integration
  • data transfer from other systems
  • product data acquisition, measurement and photography
  • installation of customized virtual fixtures
  • user trainings and coachings