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Wera is a manufacturer of professional screwdriving tools with high quality and fun factor. Wera relies on XPace shelf planning software to optimally support its sales representatives in advising specialist retailers. More…





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Please contact us for presentations, demos, tests and further information about our products.

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We offer comprehensive customer support for our products.


Support Training

We support you with introductory and further training courses so that you can quickly achieve useful results with our products. You can also count on us for the further use of our products: with on-site coaching, we can also accompany you in later project phases if desired.

You can find our training and seminar programme here.


Support WartungTailored to our products, we offer maintenance contracts that give you access to our hotline, current updates and access to upgrading options. Updates, extensions and information are available for you to download. This keeps your software investment up to date.


Support UpdatesCurrent versions of our software are provided online, they can be loaded and installed via the Update function within the program. The updates are provided as part of a maintenance contract. Together with the maintenance contract, users receive the login data for the purchase of updates of their software.

Support Hotline

This is how you can reach our support:

in Germany: 0800 NUMERIKON
international: +49 202 76969 52
by mail: support@numerikon.de


XPace Scripting Javascript Planogram

Many processing steps and operations in planogramming are repeated regularly. It makes sense to combine standardized processes into macros and automate them by scripting.

With the XPace Scripting module, processes and standard operations can be automated in XPace: Special tasks, workflows and functions in planograms, products and components as well as configurations can be implemented with scripts and made available at the push of a button.
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