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XPace Professional: Rack Optimization

The XPace Professional module contains all the functions of XPace Basic and adds functions for space management through analysis, optimization, versioning and shelf maintenance.


XPace Professional adds the following functional areas to the space planning module:

  • Assortments and shopping baskets
  • Statistics, benchmarks and performance measurement systems
  • Analyses and Highlightings
  • Qualified planning proposals
  • Versioning, version management and planogram comparison
  • Globally search, replace and discontinue products across planograms
  • Import and export in foreign planogram formats

The feature overview shows the functions and their assignment to the XPace modules.

Regaloptimierung Analyse und Highlighting
Analyse and Highlighting


Once shelf planning has been set up, a typical analysis and optimization workflow looks like this:

  1. Import performance data (sales figures, sales, balance lists) from Excel for the planogram
  2. Selecting and executing an analysis
  3. Highlight analysis results in the planogram by colors
  4. Implement change proposals
  5. Update analysis and confirm optimizations

A before-and-after comparison for space management is as follows:

  1. Select two versions of a shelf (current and previous versions)
  2. Call comparison function
  3. Identify and evaluate changes
  4. Generate conversion report

The discontinuation of articles follows the schema:

  1. Load article list of discontinuation candidates
  2. Define search range and search for affected planograms
  3. Load article list of replacement candidates
  4. Confirm planograms, perform discontinuities and replacements