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XPace Basic: Shelf Planning

XPace Basic is the module for shelf planning with XPace. It contains the core functionalities for the construction of shelves from fixtures, for positioning and arranging products and for processing the occupancy planning.


XPace Basic provides access to product data and data sources. Products can be selected according to criteria and positioned on the shelf. Products can be placed

  • hanging (on hook, hook rail or pegboard)
  • standing, lying, stacked (on shelf or pallet)
  • loosely (in chute or basket)

Regalplanung Regal frontal Planogramm planogram

The products are arranged automatically or manually on the product carrier. The shelf can be displayed and output in various 2D and 3D views. The display of images, labelling, dimensioning and numbering can be defined. Products can be moved, enlarged, reduced and split. Replenishment, distribution and sorting functions are supported.

The data model supports customer-specific prices and language-specific product texts. Planograms, product placements and fixtures used can be output in standardized reports. Copy, paste and a multi-level undo are supported.

The feature overview shows the functions and their assignment to the XPace modules.


Regalplanung Regal dreidimensional Planogramm planogram


A typical workflow for setting up a new shelf planning looks like this:

  1. Create new planogram, select template
  2. Define assortment
  3. Select products and position them on shelves, pegboards or baskets
  4. Define layout: images, labels, dimensions
  5. Print planogram, print list