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XPace Enterprise: Deployment of Planogramming Data

The XPace Enterprise module contains all the functions of XPace Professional and extends them to provide online communication options, a web interface and central data management and data provisioning. Field service, trading partners and customers have access to approved planogramming data.

Planogramm Bereitstellung auf XPace Cloud-Web-Homepage

 XPace Enterprise Server

XPace Enterprise Server provides the basic data for space management – product data, components, images, textures – for your XPace users. The data is not only available for local users, but also for external users, e.g. your field staff – Internet access and authentication in your intranet is sufficient. All users work with the same up-to-date data, XPace is no longer restricted to internal users at headquarters, but can be extended to field staff, branches and foreign representatives.

The users log on to the system with different roles and have different rights (read, write, edit).

XPace Enterprise Server also allows you to centrally manage your XPace planograms. Users can retrieve planogram projects from the server, edit them locally and restore them to the server. XPace Enterprise Server implements centralized planogram management and always provides the latest shelf plans for all users to view.

Private Cloud

The XPace Enterprise Server is set up as a private cloud in the user’s IT. External cloud services are not used, all data remains under your own control.

Deployment of all Planogramming Data

XPace Cloud Planogramm Smartfolder planogram

All product data and images, reports and planograms are managed in the Enterprise Server. A web interface presents released data and planograms. With Smart Folders, the data sets and planograms can be stored according to a wide variety of criteria, such as

  • customer and outlet
  • range
  • outlet size
  • period of validity

and can be categorized and searched.

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