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Product and fixture templates

The articles for planogramming cannot always be taken from the merchandise management system or a database or Excel table; articles must also be individually created within the planogramming software. XPace templates support the capture of individual geometries.
Since XPace processes not only simple boxes but also three-dimensional article shapes of any complexity, parameterized entry forms and article templates are used here.

Schablonen für komplexe ProdukteXPace provides functions for recording any article shapes, e.g. blisters, round cans, adhesive tapes, folding boxes and cut cases. When an article template is entered, it shows a basic sketch of the article form and asks in a form exactly the values that are required for generating the respective article form. The generator built into the templates generates the article according to the parameters entered and stores it in the database.

This principle of templates applies for components, displays and fixtures as well.