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QR codes at the point-of-sale

When making a purchase decision at the point of sale, the consumer is often left alone with questions about the products: “Where can the product be found in the store?” might be the most frequent question here. The consumer can now get the answer on his smartphone or tablet.

QR codes on the shelf show the consumer the way and support the field service and the furnisher. The QR codes are produced together with the price bars or the guide cards and positioned on the shelf. The QR codes can then be read and processed with a smartphone or tablet.

For Consumers

Consumers can use their smartphones not only to search for products on the shelf, but also to query suitable information such as application examples and complementary or substitution products. The customer scans the printed QR code from the scanner bar with his smartphone or tablet.

QR SmartphoneThe XPace product information system QResponse identifies the product and shelf and makes all information found available on the smartphone. This also includes customer evaluations as well as safety and processing instructions for products requiring explanation. The product can be placed in a personal shopping list, which is then controlled position by position in the store, so that nothing important is forgotten when shopping.

The process combines the real shopping experience on site with proven and popular experiences of online shopping. It increases customer satisfaction and conveys a completely new shopping experience: The customer has a personal, mobile shopping advisor who provides discreet but comprehensive advice.

For the field service

Field staff and fitters use their smartphones or tablets to scan the QR codes on the scanner bar or the guide cards. Together with a QR code on the shelf, QResponse can also identify and locate the product here.

QR Regal PreisschieneIn addition to the actual information about the product, the employee receives the positioning data and target placement quantities in accordance with the market-specific curtain plan and can set up the placement accordingly or plan delivery quantities. Once he is logged in to the system, he can enter delivery quantities directly via his smartphone and convert them into orders.

Placement quantities and positioning are immediately available online, difference quantities are recognizable, orders can be placed online.


The basic prerequisite for the procedure – namely the archivable planning of shelf space allocation by computer – can already be created for a long time using the XPace software. With the newly added QResponse module, the shelf allocation data is now conveniently delivered not only to the consumer, but also to the sales assistant, on a smartphone or tablet, without installing a special app, because all information is displayed in the browser.

The scanner strip bands and guide cards are produced together with the printed QR codes directly from XPace and sent to the market or the fitter as a PDF or printed in a suitable edition and supplied with the goods.