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3D Controller: Master your planogram in six dimensions

XPace planograms are three-dimensional. Articles, shelves and shops can be viewed from all sides. With a normal mouse and keyboard you can move around in an XPace planogram and view and edit the shelf and all articles in perspective. With a 6-axis mouse you have a 3D controller for the planogram, with which you have the shelf virtually in your hand.

Space Navigator and Space Explorer


3Dconnexion‘s controllers Space Navigator and Space Explorer feature a 6-axis joystick that allows you to move intuitively in the three-dimensional planogram scene and rotate the shelf in space.

XPace supports 3D controllers in its 2D and 3D views. XPace assigns frequently used functions for the planogram display to the function keys of the controllers.

The 3D controllers are supported in Windows as well as on the Mac. No installation of drivers or special software is required, simply plug the device into a USB port.

3D controller for editing and presentation

The use of a 3D controller for XPace is optional, but it provides extremely effective and professional control for planogram editing and presentations.


The joystick can be moved forwards/backwards and sideways as well as up and down. These translational movements navigate in the planogram scene in the three axes x, y and z and thus move the shelf in the corresponding direction.

Turning and tilting the joystick allows the shelf to rotate. With these functions, you can navigate very intuitively in the scene.

Intuitive operation

Working with a 3D controller makes the three-dimensionality of the shelf and the planogram scene immediately tangible.

The most important functions for controlling the display are available on the controller and can be used quickly.