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XPace Scripting Javascript Planogram

Many processing steps and operations in planogramming are repeated regularly. It makes sense to combine standardized processes into macros and automate them by scripting.

With the XPace Scripting module, processes and standard operations can be automated in XPace: Special tasks, workflows and functions in planograms, products and components as well as configurations can be implemented with scripts and made available at the push of a button.
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Motivation More Space

Space Management aims to provide the right products in the right quantity at the right place on a limited sales area. The motivation behind: A shelf allocation at the point-of-sale only works well if it is very well planned and justified and revised regularly.

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Space Management Foundations


As store space and shelf space are scarce and expensive, while the point-of-sale in the stationary specialist and retail trade is the decisive place for generating sales, shelf allocation needs to be very well planned and justified and regularly revised. A space management system provides the necessary functions and evaluation models for a practical shelf planning and an argumentation-strong shelf evaluation.

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Adjust shelf allocation according to own ideas

With XPace’s versatile editing functions, you can adapt shelf planning to your ideas and specifications.

You can expand or reduce a product block with a simple keystroke. Turn a product block by any angle until the article lies optimally on the shelf. Or move hanging items to a new position in the grid of the pegboard wall.

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