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Die XPace-Story: Wie der Ball ins Rollen kam

The principle of space management was invented and first used about 25 years ago as part of category management in the food segment of the retail trade. The first programs were accordingly tailored to the needs of food assortments.

Our idea started here: Space Management should also be available for other market segments – Non-Food, DIY, media, toys, healthcare. These segments would also benefit from optimized planning, evaluation and documentation of shelf loading.
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Motivation More Space

Space Management aims to provide the right products in the right quantity at the right place on a limited sales area. The motivation behind: A shelf allocation at the point-of-sale only works well if it is very well planned and justified and revised regularly.

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Space Management Foundations


As store space and shelf space are scarce and expensive, while the point-of-sale in the stationary specialist and retail trade is the decisive place for generating sales, shelf allocation needs to be very well planned and justified and regularly revised. A space management system provides the necessary functions and evaluation models for a practical shelf planning and an argumentation-strong shelf evaluation.

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