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Shelf allocation: Select and place product

XPace makes it easy for you to fill shelves with articles: Drag individual articles or entire article groups onto a carrier – the articles are immediately placed on the carrier and automatically arranged correctly.

Shelving: Suggestions

Artikel im Planogramm plazieren per VorschlagThe XPace proposal function determines the best possible suggestions for the destination, taking into account the overall positioning on the shelf and the available assortment. After clicking on a fixture, the proposed items are evaluated and displayed in the Proposals window. From there they can be placed directly on the product carrier fixture. The proposals for the fixture are then updated according to the new situation.

The user can influence the criteria of the evaluation. If sales figures are available for the articles, not only the articles themselves, but also sensible assembly quantities are suggested.

Shelving: List selection

Select products from the product database and drag them onto a product tray. The products are automatically positioned correctly: Block size and quantity are adjusted to suit the fixel, the product block is lined up on the shelf. The number of pieces and block size can be changed at any time by simply pressing a key.

Regalbestückung im Planogramm Maus Drag

Shelving: Direct input

Enter item numbers from a list – XPace searches for items in all open channels and immediately positions them on the current display. Or enter other search criteria such as description texts, also with wildcards – XPace also searches for all suitable articles in this case and offers them for positioning.

Regalbestückung im Planogramm Direkteingabe

Shelving: EAN/UPC barcode scanning

Use barcode scanning if you want to position directly based on the EAN/UPC/GTIN codes of your products. XPace has a barcode scanner interface and a corresponding EAN search function to record the actual status of a shelf based on the scanned barcodes of the packaging.

Navigation, shopping cart and preview

All articles that have already been positioned are marked separately in the channels, so you always have an overview of which articles are already on your shelf. You can also synchronize the article list and allocation planning: So you not only know which articles are already positioned, but also where.

Numerous user-definable filter and sort functions facilitate navigation in your product lists. The product preview shows you the most important data and images of the currently selected product. This restricts the article list to a selected assortment or listing.

If your products come from multiple data sources, you may have opened multiple channels in XPace from which you can choose your products. Collect a preselection of items in your shopping cart, or park currently unneeded items in a named shopping cart.