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Space Management

XPace is a space management system for retailers and their suppliers, especially in the non-food, media, DIY and healthcare sectors. We have developed XPace to make space management strategies attractive even for complex POS designs.

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In Space Management, the assembly of a shelf is set up and documented as a planogram. All fixtures and all products, together with their concrete positions and properties, are combined in a planogram layout.

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Any shelf planning should meet the manufacturer’s and retailer’s sales and earnings expectations, be aligned with consumer demand and maintain appropriate inventory levels. The planning is not static, but is regularly revised for new requirements and performance indicators.

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Motivation More Space

Space Management aims to provide the right products in the right quantity at the right place on a limited sales area. The motivation behind: A shelf allocation at the point-of-sale only works well if it is very well planned and justified and revised regularly.

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