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Create server-side planogram ID

Each planogram created in XPace has its own ID. This ID consists of an embedded sequential number, possibly supplemented by further information.

Normally, the ID assignment and number creation is carried out on the local PC. The planogram IDs are created according to the workstation. If you want to assign a comprehensive ID that is unique across all PCs and XPace installations in your company, you may establish and use a server-side planogram ID service.

The prerequisite for this is a server application that offers a corresponding ID service. The XPace Enterprise Server has such an ID service built in, but you can also set up and use your own service. In both cases, access to the ID service is configured in the user defaults.

Next to the input field for the planogram ID (in the creation wizard and in the properties window) you will find a new button with which you can request and apply a new planogram ID from the ID service. You are then rewarded with company-wide unique IDs for the planograms, which can be used to identify and reference planograms in queries and applications.