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Product data import from Excel or your ERP


The master and logistics data of your products is managed in XPace in one or more channels. Each channel obtains its data with a product data import via a uniform interface from a data source.

Data sources

XPace processes data

  • from Excel
  • from comma-separated text files (CSV)
  • from XML files or
  • from ODBC and JDBC data sources

Configurable interfaces and import scripts adapt XPace to virtually every conceivable data source. These interfaces are also used to transfer product-related performance data (sales, turnover figures, balance lists, etc.).

Use product variants if your products are available in several versions, dimensions or packaging. Use any number of data sources and channels to manage products from different sources. Create products manually if newly listed articles are to be included in your shelf planning at short notice and have not yet been created in ERP or merchandise management.

Produktdatenimport mit Klebebandrollen und CutCasesProducts are either created as simple boxes or imported with textured 3D object models.

Simple or complex product geometries can also be created directly in XPace. Predefined product shapes are available as parameterized templates.

Product data import: How it works

The following video shows the basic procedure of a product data import process in XPace.