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3D Controller: Master your planogram in six dimensions

XPace planograms are three-dimensional. Articles, shelves and shops can be viewed from all sides. With a normal mouse and keyboard you can move around in an XPace planogram and view and edit the shelf and all articles in perspective. With a 6-axis mouse you have a 3D controller for the planogram, with which you have the shelf virtually in your hand.

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Fixtures: Standardized rack components

XPace planogramming includes any relevant and common rack components, fixtures, and displays. XPace planograms cover racks and rack segments, displays, palette placements and any kind of shop or point-of-sale. Furthermore, the XPace fixture library accepts the installation of customized fixtures and displays.

Due to its fixture library, XPace creates planograms from highly realistic uprights, base panels, shelves, baskets, pegboards, and hooks. In addition, palettes, cardboard boxes, cut-cases, environmental elements such as walls, backgrounds, and floor elements are ready to be used in point-of-sale design.

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Strategic Foundations of Space Management


As part of trade marketing, shelf planning and space management considers both sales and earnings targets (Return on Inventory Investment) as well as inventory management and the delivery strategy for the shelf to avoid out-of-stock situations.

We have compiled the most important elements of a space management strategy in an overview article:

Space Management Foundations

Grundlagen des Spacemanagement Planogramm Analyse

As store space and shelf space are scarce and expensive, while the point-of-sale in stationary retail is the decisive place for generating sales, shelf allocation needs to be very well planned and justified and regularly revised.

Which strategies are pursued, which measures are applied in order to optimise the point-of-sale inventory, with the best possible market area profitability and in line with consumer requirements? Read more→

Adjust shelf allocation according to own ideas

With XPace’s versatile editing functions, you can adapt shelf planning to your ideas and specifications.

You can expand or reduce a product block with a simple keystroke. Turn a product block by any angle until the article lies optimally on the shelf. Or move hanging items to a new position in the grid of the pegboard wall.

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